April 18 - April 29

Basic OILHEAT SchoolBTC12
May 20RIello OIL BurnersBTC12
May 23 - May 26WIRING GAS & OIL SystemsBTC14
May 27MA OIL License Prep SeminarBTC14
June 3Warm Air CONTROLS for GAS & OILBTC14
June 10Riello OIL BurnersBTC12
June 17MA OIL License Prep SeminarBTC14
June 20 - July 1
Basic OILHEAT SchoolBTC12
July 22Riello OIL BurnersBTC12
July 25 - July 28GAS Service SchoolBTC14
July 29MA OIL License Prep SeminarBTC14
August 12Warm Air Controls for GAS & OILBTC14
August 15 - August 26
Basic OILHEAT SchoolBTC12

​CLICK ON DATE of CLASS TO ACCESS "Registration Form".
 If the "Registration Form" for a class does not activate

the class is full or is cancelled.
​Class Registrations are
CLOSED seven days before a class.
ALL Classes are at the Beckett Training Center (BTC) unless noted.

Registrations open mid-February, 2022

Schools & Seminars

The Beckett Training Center (BTC) is located at 660 Main Street, Sturbridge (Fiskdale), Massachusetts and is at the end of Building #1 on the right. ​There is NO phone at the school.
Firedragon Academy's Office is located at 608 Moose Hill Road, Leicester, MA, 01524.
Our phone is
508-421-3490 and we are open from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday, April through October.

COVID-19 Information for Students

Class size will be 12 persons maximum for ALL classes from now on at ALL locations.
​BTC Classroom has UVC Air Purification.
Students must wear a face mask at all times in the facility. Face masks must be provided by students.
Hand sanitizer will be provided by the school.
Due to Covid-19 the following changes will be made in regard to hands-on training when the class requires hands-on in the program:

  • There will be NO hands-on regarding laboratory units and NO combustion testing will be performed for ALL of 2021. NO LIVE FIRING of oil fired units.
  • Students may NOT touch each others belongings or practice exercises, or any school equipment unless instructed to.
  • Hands-on burner setup and wiring practices will be done using our trainers.


NOTE: Seats are not guaranteed and we reserve the right to set class size and cancel for lack of students or
for developments outside our control due to the Covid 19 Pandemic.
We are first-paid, first-seated and assign seats ONLY on that basis.
Mark your CALENDAR, we will send a confirmation (Covid Forms)
five to seven days before your class.
Registrations are NOT complete until Covid Forms are completed
and returned three business days before your class.