The Beckett Training Center (BTC) is located at 660 Main Street, Sturbridge (Fiskdale), Massachusetts and is at the end of Building #1 on the right. There is NO phone at the school.
Firedragon Academy's Office is located at 608 Moose Hill Road, Leicester, MA, 01524.
Our phone is 508-421-3490 and we are open from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday, April through October.

Schools & Seminars

CLICK ON DATE of CLASS TO ACCESS "Registration Form".
 If the "Registration Form" for a class does not activate
the class is full or cancelled.

ALL Classes are at the Beckett Training Center (
BTC) unless noted.

NOTE: Seats are not guaranteed and we reserve the right to set class size and cancel for lack of students.
​Mark your CALENDAR, we will send confirmations with Covid-19 information*.

We no longer teach the Massachusetts Oilburner Code or sell individual Code books.

MA  OILBURNER License Home Study Course - Click  HERE

March 15 - March 22Basic OILHEAT SchoolBTC
April 2MA OILBURNER License SeminarBTC
April 9RIELLO 40 Series OIL BurnersBTC
April 12- April 15WIRING GAS & OIL SystemsBTC
April 16Annual Tune-Up for OILBTC
May 7MA OILBURNER License SeminarBTC
May 11Millivolt GAS SystemsBTC
May 12Boston STEAM SchoolBTC
May 13Warm Air CONTROLS for GAS & OIL SystemsBTC
May 14RIELLO 40 Series OIL BurnersBTC
May 17 - May 28Basic OILHEAT SchoolBTC
June 11MA OILBURNER License SeminarBTC
June 18RIELLO 40 Series OIL BurnersBTC
June 21 - June 24GAS Service SchoolBTC
June 25Warm Air CONTROLS for GAS & OIL SystemsBTC
July 16MA OILBURNER License SeminarBTC
July 19 - July 30Basic OILHEAT SchoolBTC
August 20MA OILBURNER License SeminarBTC
August 23 - August 26GAS Service SchoolBTC
August 27Warm Air CONTROLS for GAS & OIL SystemsBTC
August 31RIELLO 40 Series OIL BurnersBTC
September 24Warm Air CONTROLS for GAS & OIL SystemsBTC
September 27 - October 8Basic OILHEAT SchoolBTC
October 15MA OILBURNER License SeminarBTC
October 19Annual Tune-Up for OILBTC
October 20Boston STEAM SchoolBTC
October 21Millivolt GAS SystemsBTC
October 22RIELLO 40 Series OIL BurnersBTC
October 23, 2021 - April 4, 2022 - - - CLOSED for Winter