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Firedragon Enterprises was started in 1991 as a consulting and educational firm for the heating industry on educational, operational and legal issues. Our major focus has always been on education. In 1995 Firedragon also became a publishing firm. We develop and distribute books on gas and oil heating and HVAC subjects. 

We do
NOT provide heating, air conditioning or burner services and we no longer provide consulting or "expert witness" services.

Firedragon Academy was also started in 1991 and provides seminars that have been developed by George Lanthier in conjunction with major heating equipment manufacturers. We are an independent educator offering a "higher degree of learning" for heating service professionals.

George Lanthier is the owner and Chief Instructor. He is a graduate of Waltham Vo-Tech High School and the Franklin Institute of Boston. He has been a Licensed Massachusetts (MA) Oilburner Technician since 1967 and also holds both MA Master Pipefitter Licenses, and a Master Sheetmetal Worker's License. He has been a Certified Level 9 Instructor in both gas and oil heating installation and maintenance with the US Air Force Reserve, a Certified MA Instructor in oilburners since 1975 and is also a MA Sheet Metal Instructor. George is also a graduate of many industry trade schools and programs and is a graduate of RIELLO's Residential Burner School in Legnano, Italy.

Firedragon Academy's Office and Marketing Director is Isabella Lanthier having joined the firm in 2008. She is responsible for editing books and magazine articles and the company's marketing efforts using all forms of media.

Joseph (Joe) Lanthier has 40 years of experience in heating and acts as Firedragon's Adjunct Lab Instructor. Both he and his brother George are proud US Air Force Veterans.