Advanced Oil Pumps & Fuel Systems - FINAL SESSIONS IN 2022
An advanced course designed for anyone working on oil-fired equipment and others looking for more knowledge on residential oilburner tanks, fuel units, fuel lines, valves and accessories. A no-nonsense course on oilburner fuel systems and components. The course focuses on oil pumps, tanks, piping, valves, oil de-aerators, and fuel system boosters on all types of  residential and commercial oilburners and how to diagnose and correct the problems. Includes discussion of all types of renewable liquid biofuels.
Includes the latest Suntec & Webster Pump Manuals and our textbook, ‘Fuel Systems Handbook’.

This ADVANCED and unique seminar will take you through how to troubleshoot RIELLO’s 40 Series residential oil burner line and keep them running reliably and profitably. Features detailed and concise information on setup and troubleshooting and how to profit from doing RIELLO burner service better than your competitors. 
​Each student receives a course material package, see Registration Form for details.

MilliVolt GAS Systems - FINAL CLASSES in 2022

An entry to mid-level one-day course designed for plumbers, oil technicians, gas apprentices and others looking for more knowledge on residential millivolt gas controls. An 8 hour course focuses on millivolt gas valves using thermocouples and thermopiles and ignition systems and how to diagnose and correct typical service problems. 
Includes lab work on live-fire gas trainers

Millivoltage Systems (30 mVdc to 750 mVdc), Using Test Equipment, Gas Controls and Gas Valves, Gas Pilot Burners and Troubleshooting Gas Burner Components

*ALL students must bring a millivoltmeter* with them to participate in “hands-on” portions.

Basic Electricity for HVAC Technicians - FINAL SESSIONS in 2022

A complete course in basic electrical wiring, controls and advanced troubleshooting.
The course was designed for electricians, heating technicians and plumbers to master the knowledge and
professional skills to work on and diagnose the state-of-the art heating control systems now in the field!
This course will review the fundamentals of electricity, wiring and control systems and move on to the most advanced and complex control systems entering the field for the control of hot water, steam and warm air systems.
​This course is only taught in Eastern MA by Bruce Marshall.

Class Outlines

The Boston STEAM School - FINAL SESSIONS IN 2022
This one-day seminar is for those who service and retrofit residential steam systems. Ideal for service technicians, installers and sales personnel. The seminar covers the correct replacement of steam boilers and the troubleshooting of piping problems, venting problems and the controls and wiring of residential steam systems while making them as efficient as possible using the latest installation techniques and control strategies.
Two books, 'Linhardt's Field Guide to Steam Heating' and our exclusive 'Residential STEAM Workbook' are included. The books offer service technicians, installers and salesmen reference manuals that keep the engineering required in simple, easy to understand language and act as the class notes.

MA Oilburner License Prep Course - FINAL SESSIONS in 2022
An intensive 8-hour program that prepares persons for taking the MA State Exam for the Certificate of Competency in Oilburners. This is a combination of home self-study and preparatory session that was designed for tradesmen who have the knowledge, just never got “the ticket” or whose license has expired.
​The Session includes a copy of our exclusive MA Prep Guide, our exclusive MA Oilburner Code Guide, the NORA Oilheat Technician’s Manual and a copy of NFPA31-2011. It also includes all necessary license applications and a workbook.
It is only for those working on powerburners burning #1 and #2 fueloil. 

Basic OILHEAT School  - FINAL SESSIONS in 2022 -  Click Here

WIRING GAS & OIL Heating Systems - FINAL SESSIONS in 2022 - Click Here

Warm AIR Controls for GAS & OIL -FINAL SESSIONS IN 2022

A seminar that focuses on Warm AIR Furnace controls operating today’s HVAC systems. Covers both in-the-field and new controls entering the market. Features detailed information on troubleshooting Blower Control Boards (Timers) like Honeywell’s ST9100 and S9200 Series. All required training materials are provided including our NEW 'Warm AIR Systems Handbook'. The program covers gas and oil and is ideal for anyone involved in residential heating system service and installation.
Includes hands-on and student must bring a MULTIMETER to participate.

Hydronic Systems - (Design, Piping & Wiring) - FINAL SESSIONS IN 2022
​This seminar is for those looking for more knowledge on residential hot water heating systems and also acts as a refresher for seasoned veterans. Ideal for service technicians, installers and sales personnel. The seminar covers the correct design of hydronic piping systems, boiler and system operation; and the controls and wiring of gravity, forced, and multi-zone systems. All required training and service materials are provided.
​This course is only taught in Eastern MA by Bruce Marshall.