Fuel Oils and Fuel Properties

Fuel Units; Beckett, Danfoss, Suntec & Webster
Nozzles; Proper Function & Selection
Oil Filters; Correct Sizing  & Use

Fuel Storage Systems; Fuel Tanks, Storage Tanks and Supply Tanks
Oil Lines; Proper Sizing & Construction, Installation & Replacement
Combustion Theory; Understanding Draft, Smoke, Chemistry and Temperature
Fundamentals of Electricity
Using Test Instruments; Multimeters, Clamp Meters and Testers
“Hands-on” Wiring & Controls Equipment

"Hands-On" Oil Lab Training Equipment
Ignition Systems; Conventional & Electronic
Primary Controls, Thermal and Optical

Motors; Split-Phase,  ECM & PSC 
System Controls; Air, Steam & Hot Water
Troubleshooting Oil Burner Components

Proper Electrical Component Testing & Replacement

Troubleshooting Electrical Controls & Wiring
Basic Oilburner Troubleshooting

Advanced Oilburner Troubleshooting
Live-fires and Combustion Testing
MA Oilburner Code (NFPA31); Compliance & Conformance


An entry to mid-level course designed for plumbers, HVAC technicians, oil drivers and others looking for more knowledge on residential oilburners. Includes hands-on troubleshooting of the most basic to difficult of oilburner service calls. A no-nonsense course on oilburner servicing and the only 80 hour Accelerated Course in Massachusetts.
The course focuses on oilburners, pumps, ignition systems and combustion problems on all types of burners and how to diagnose and correct the problems. In depth training on Beckett, Carlin and Riello.
​The program prepares you to take the State Exam leading to a MA Certificate of Competency (MA Oilburner License).  State Exam is only given by MA Department of Fire Services.
NOTE: We no longer test for NORA Certification.

Class tuition includes daily lunch and refreshments.

Book & Tool List is valued at over $950.00 and includes:

Oilheat Technician's Manual (NORA)
Firedragon Notebook and Binder
Backpack with Firedragon Academy Logo
Firedragon - Fuel Systems Handbook
Suntec Pump Manual
Webster Pump Manual

Field Controls Contractor Manual

Firedragon - WIRING & Fuel Burning Equipment - Volumes 1 through 5

Firedragon Heating System Controls Manual with Binder

Allanson Transformer Catalog

​Beckett Electrode/Head Gauges and OEM Guide
Beckett "Total Catalog" Flashdrive

Beckett AquaSmart Wiring Guide 

Carlin Residential Burner Manual 
Carlin OEM Guide and Electrode Gauges 

Victor 81B Multimeter with Case with Testing Adapters

TACO Controls Wiring Guide

Firedragon 6n1 Screwdriver
Beckett Gauge Set; Pressure, Vacuum and GeniSys Contractor Tool

Massachusetts Oil Code Amendments and NFPA31-2011

Massachusetts Oilburner License Prep Book

Riello 7n1 Multidriver

Riello Priming Switch and Gauge Adapter