This REVISED & EXTENDED course will review the fundamentals of electricity, wiring and control systems and move on to the most advanced and complex control systems entering the field for the control of hot water, steam and warm air systems. Features trainer/demonstrators specifically built to teach this program and includes hands-on training using multimeters and clamp meters. Subjects covered will include air system electronic controllers (ST9103) and the latest hydronic controls from Beckett, Hydrolevel and Honeywell. The troubleshooting of PSC and ECM motors, electronic ignitors and oil and gas valves and controls using meters will be merged with traditional methods and techniques.
Now features more hands-on using gas (live-fire) and oil trainers!

A complete 32 hour course for those serious in learning electrical wiring, controls and advanced troubleshooting.
The course was designed for electricians, gas and oil heating technicians and plumbers to master the knowledge and professional skills to work on and diagnose the state-of-the art heating control systems now in the field!

WIRING Gas & Oil Heating Systems

Book & Tool List includes:
Firedragon Notebook
Firedragon Binder
Field Controls Contractor Manual
Firedragon - WIRING & Fuel Burning Equipment

  • Volume 1 - Fundamentals
  • Volume 2 - Meters & Testers
  • Volume 3 - Steam & Warm Air plus Motors
  • Volume 4 - Oilburner Primary Controls
  • Volume 5 - Hot Water Systems

Firedragon Heating System Controls Manual
Firedragon Gas Controls Manual
​Allanson Transformer Manual
Beckett "Total Catalog" Flashdrive
Beckett AquaSmart Wiring Guide 
Victor 81B Multimeter with Case
Multimeter Testing Adapters include:

  • ​MilliVolt Thermocouple Adapter
  • DC Flame Adapter
  • J1 & J2 Jumper Sets
  • L36 Adapter Cable
  • SmartValve Adapters (two)
  • C2 Couplers

TACO Controls Wiring Guide
6n1 Screwdriver